Customer story ausbiz

Increased efficiency in news production and publishing for the Australian business news publisher ausbiz with go-live of the initial Flow within a week of the project start.

About ausbiz

ausbiz is Australia's premier destination for live and on-demand video content covering the latest business, market, economic, and startup news. Established in 2020, it's the nation's sole live streaming channel devoted exclusively to business and finance news and information. With a digital-first approach to monetization and a strong focus on SEO, ausbiz delivers real-time insights to a wide audience.

The challenge

In today's fast-paced digital landscape, news outlets like ausbiz face the constant challenge of producing and distributing high-quality content efficiently. With an extensive broadcast schedule exceeding eight hours daily, manually summarizing, titling, keywording, and drafting social media posts for each program segment presented a significant time bottleneck.

To stay ahead of the curve and maintain their digital-first strategy, ausbiz sought a solution that would automate these repetitive tasks, allowing their editorial team to focus on higher-level content creation and analysis. Additionally, ausbiz prioritizes optimizing their content for search engines, requiring a system that could generate relevant keywords to enhance discoverability.

About qibb

qibb is the leading media integration platform to create and maintain low-code media workflows. Fully agnostic and cloud-based, qibb comes with a growing Catalog of Nodes (connectors), dozens of pre-build Flows (templates), and a versatile feature toolkit that makes virtualized system integration a reality. It enables customers to build and maintain integrations more cost-effective, faster and vendor independent – making media workflow automation and integration easier than ever before.
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The solution

qibb, the leading media integration platform, stepped in to offer a solution tailored to ausbiz's specific needs. By leveraging qibb's capabilities and OpenAI's (ChatGPT) GPT-4 generative AI model, ausbiz established a streamlined workflow that automates content generation and simplifies editorial tasks.

Automated trigger of transcripts for all flagged items from Cuttingroom

Creation of summaries, headlines, keywords, social media drafts

Manual retry-button for editorial team if result was dissatisfactory

The workflow initiated with the export of a new asset from CuttingRoom to Mimir, triggering qibb and initiating the content creation process. The automated workflow seamlessly engaged ChatGPT to generate suggestions for various content types, including headlines, video summaries, relevant keywords for platform embedding, and social media posts for LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. All generated content flowed back into Mimir, establishing a centralized location for easy access and management.

qibb Flow for ausbiz for automatic content creation with ChatGPT

The automated process provided autonomy for ausbiz to generate additional content based solely on their video assets. However, it also allowed for manual intervention and content adjustments, providing the team with full control over the final output. The flexibility in the qibb solution enabled seamless integration of new tools or modifications to existing actions, adapting to evolving requirements.

"qibb has helped us significantly improve the efficiency of our content creation with generative AI. The user-friendly interface ensures rapid adoption, saving us time and keeping us in control of our processes. We look forward to exploring further development opportunities with qibb."

By leveraging qibb's media integration platform and the power of generative AI, ausbiz has successfully streamlined their news production workflow. The automated generation of transcripts, summaries, headlines, keywords, and social media drafts allows their editorial team to focus on more strategic content creation. Additionally, the ability to customize AI outputs through the "retry" button ensures editorial control and maintains the journalistic integrity of ausbiz's content.

The success story of ausbiz exemplifies how qibb empowers media organizations to embrace automation and enhance efficiency while maintaining editorial control. This is a testament to qibb's commitment to providing innovative solutions that enable content creators to thrive in the ever-evolving digital media landscape.

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