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Learn how to deploy and manage powerful cloud services and applications using qibb, the smart multi-cloud management platform. Whether you are an end user, developer, or IT professional – our documentation provides you with the information you need.



Everything you need to know about qibb

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions that arise in connection with the handling, functionality and architecture of qibb, qibb ultimate and qibb go!

Does qibb provide, service and run fully functioning media solutions?

No, qibb is only the glue holding together the applications. However, fully functioning media solutions are provided by our integration partners.

Does qibb deploy media applications?

No, qibb doesn’t actually deploy applications directly. But qibb can trigger deployments with all major public cloud providers. Thus we can effectively deploy and destroy applications as well as start and stop them.

Is qibb available on all public cloud providers?

Yes, qibb is infrastructure agnostic. We run on kubernetes and can be deployed on e.g. AWS, Azure or Google. Our preferred partner for managed deployments is AWS.

Is qibb available on premises?

Yes, qibb can be provisioned in your on premises datacenter. All you need are virtualized machines (VMs) based on our specifications. Contact us to find out more.

Who is Techtriq?

Techtriq is the company behind qibb. qibb is a product of the Techtriq GmbH.

How can I build media solutions with qibb?

There are two ways to use qibb.

  1. through a fully integrated solution with our integration partner Qvest.
  2. through integrating media applications yourself, based on qibb.

What is qibb?

qibb is an integration platform spezialized in connecting applications for media production and distribution.

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