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How it works

qibb is an integration platform with ready-to-use building blocks for professional media workflows.

Connect services with low-code and onboard users with tailored dashboards.

The future of media workflows

Traditional media workflows are manual, static, and insecure. Disconnected systems lead to inconsistent data and make manual processes necessary. The static architecture significantly delays the time-to-market for changes and extensions. Without programming knowledge, it is impossible to quickly make your own adjustments to workflows.
qibb provides the solution for this.

Harmonized standard

Low-code API integration across entire media supply chain

Flexible adjustment

Agile extension and fast integration of new technologies

Fast enablement

Onboard staff quickly with minimal coding background

Flow Editor

This key feature enables many of qibb’s capabilities. Applications can be connected based on API calls on a low-code and no-code basis. Through its OpenAPI parser, integrations can be performed quickly and easily.

Experience qibb yourself!

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node & Flow Catalog

qibb provides a growing catalog of Nodes (connectors) and Flows (pre-integrated automations). You can easily copy Nodes and Flows from our Catalog into the Flow Editor.

Dashboard System

qibb’s dashboards system provides a flexible and easy way to create custom UIs to visualize data and interact with workflows.

Workflow security

qibb can serve as an identity provider for 3rd party applications. If you already use a different identity provider like Okta or Active Directory, it can be easily integrated with qibb.

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