Transmission of live events to VOD

Automatically transform live events into engaging VOD content in no time.

Instantly convert live content into VOD

Post-processing and publishing live events as VOD has become indispensable for retaining and continuously providing content to one’s target audience. However, this process is time-consuming and prone to human error, which in turn can negatively impact the success of the activities.

qibb helps you reach your viewers whenever they want with live-to-VOD transformation. No more manual editing, sorting, and publishing – focus on your content and let qibb automate your publishing workflow. Reduce time-to-market and increase the reach and impact of your content with qibb’s reliable and flexible solution.

Streamline your media management

Automate your entire live-to-VOD workflow

qibb’s live-to-VOD workflow converts live streamed content into on-demand formats that can be accessed at any later time. With qibb, all the steps involved can be automated, including video ingestion, transcoding, and publishing to your VOD platform. Powered by cutting-edge technologies like AI, machine learning, and cloud-based computing, qibb can automatically detect and correct any errors or inconsistencies in the video and audio signals, ensuring that the final output is of the highest quality. qibb’s metadata management capabilities allow you to manage your metadata consistently and accurately across your live and VOD workflows, reducing errors and ensuring that your content is easy to discover and navigate. Additionally, qibb’s ability to scale storage and distribution resources dynamically helps you optimize your costs while ensuring a great viewer experience. qibb’s live to VOD workflow is designed to make it easy and efficient to capture, transform, and distribute live video content, saving you time and resources.

About qibb

qibb is the leading media integration platform to create and maintain low-code media workflows. Fully agnostic and cloud-based, qibb comes with a growing Catalog of Nodes (connectors), dozens of pre-build Flows (templates), and a versatile feature toolkit that makes virtualized system integration a reality. It enables customers to build and maintain integrations more cost-effective, faster and vendor independent – making media workflow automation and integration easier than ever before.
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