Automatic asset housekeeping

Automate your asset housekeeping across different storages, cloud providers, and archives.

Optimize your storage utilization and asset accessibility

Modern media companies have to deal with multiple storage locations and archives, so assets can be distributed across physical and virtual locations. Optimizing the usage of these storages to save costs, avoid hitting physical storage limitations, and meeting customers’ archival requirements can be extremely challenging.

qibb helps to flexibly implement rules to manage an asset lifecycle across a variety of 3rd party systems. Numerous housekeeping automations can be easily configured to reduce the manual effort involved and create the right solution for every housekeeping process.

Customize your asset housekeeping rules

Automate file movements and save costs with qibb’s integration possibilities

qibb integrates with various storage and archive vendors – such as Archiware, Telestream Diva, PowerScale OneFS, AWS S3 and Glacier, and many more. Orchestrating rules across those vendors including file movements leveraging MAM functionalities or tools like Rclone enable an endless possibility to build Flows that meet customer’s housekeeping requirements.

For example, qibb Flows enable to move all assets that have not been touched in a while to a cheaper storage tier, archive assets to LTO libraries for clients based on metadata tags, request asset deletions via MS Teams and much more. Paired with integrated MAM or DAM vendors this is the ideal set-up to automate high-res file movements while still keeping access to metadata and low-res in the respective MAM system.

There are essentially endless possible combinations of triggers and rules. E.g. qibb can regularly screen assets for changes on metadata – alternatively event-based workflows trigger from a third party systems. Leveraging qibb’s low-code capabilities, these rules can be easily adjusted to meet changing requirements or integrate new tools.

Applications integrated

About qibb

qibb is the leading media integration platform to create and maintain low-code media workflows. Fully agnostic and cloud-based, qibb comes with a growing Catalog of Nodes (connectors), dozens of pre-build Flows (templates), and a versatile feature toolkit that makes virtualized system integration a reality. It enables customers to build and maintain integrations more cost-effective, faster and vendor independent – making media workflow automation and integration easier than ever before.
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