Automatic content creation with ChatGPT

Use generative AI to automate the creation of summaries, social media posts, or headlines for your videos.

Leverage OpenAI’s ChatGPT in your media workflows

Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) brings unprecedented potential to support content creators in their daily work. Whether you’re a journalist, publisher, or content creator, integrating ChatGPT with your existing media workflows can help you stay ahead of the competition and deliver high-quality content faster than ever before.

With qibb you can leverage these benefits fully integrated into your current media supply chain. Incorporate generative AI directly in your DAM, MAM, or CMS and fully automate workflows.

ChatGPT and qibb

Automate social media posts with ChatGPT and mimir

Leveraging our Nodes for AI models and MAM or DAM tools, the benefits of generative AI can be deeply integrated into the existing system landscape of media companies.

For example, qibb integrates ChatGPT with mimir to fully automate the creation of summaries, social media posts, and keywords. By automatically creating speech-to-text transcripts for video assets in a specific folder, qibb generates the perfect input for large language models. A qibb Flow then fetches the transcript through a low-code Node, pushes it to OpenAI with a dedicated prompt for each use case. The result can then be easily mapped to the mimir metadata model and visualized to mimir users.

This qibb Flow can be easily customized based on each customer’s individual need. With our template Flow and low-code Nodes, integrators can iteratively adjust and save changes at unprecedented speed.

Applications integrated

About qibb

qibb is the leading media integration platform to create and maintain low-code media workflows. Fully agnostic and cloud-based, qibb comes with a growing Catalog of Nodes (connectors), dozens of pre-build Flows (templates), and a versatile feature toolkit that makes virtualized system integration a reality. It enables customers to build and maintain integrations more cost-effective, faster and vendor independent – making media workflow automation and integration easier than ever before.
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